segunda-feira, 29 de março de 2010


Valley Of Flowers – DVDRip w/ English Subs
Once upon a time in the east…
Along the highest mountain passes of the Himalayas, tough, intrepid Jalan and his gang
Earn their living by stealing from unsuspecting travelers. Abiding by their own,
Unique codes of honour and dividing the spoils equally, all is routine until the arrival of the mystifying,
Beautiful Ushna. Appearing mysteriously after the raid of a pilgrim caravan, Ushna adheres to Jalan,
Claiming to have seen him in her dreams, and refusing to leave his side. Sensing the unsettlement of
The rest of the men, Ushna offers to help them in their endeavours, under condition that they not
Ask why or how she is able to guide them to success.

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